Since 1942, Thule have had a commitment to designing and developing quality products that help you fulfil your passions and get the most out of life's adventures. Here at Hexham trailers we share that passion, thats why we have partnered up to become a Thule dealer to sell their top quality products. 

Towbar Mounted Bike Racks 

Suitable for both regular and e bikes, Thule's towbar mounted bike racks are sure to transport your beloved bikes safely, securely, and in style ready for whatever adventure awaits. The towbar mounted bike racks allow for boot access while the bikes are attached. Bike racks to carry both 2 and 3 bikes are available.

Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Thule's range of roof mounted bike racks ensure maximum protection for your bikes. Also suitable for both regular and e bikes, these easy to mount bike racks allow for simple loading and unloading to ensure you get the most out of your cycling pursuit. 

Roof Bar Systems and Roof Rack Systems

Thule's roof bar systems are complete systems for transporting your belongings safely. Easy to mount on all types of vehicles, they include everything you need to carry roof boxes, bike racks, and much more. 

Roof Boxes

Whether you're pursuing active hobbies, going on holiday, or just need some extra space, Thule's roof boxes offer the most extra space to keep your belongings safe and secure on your travels. 



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